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In your home


Whether you're going on a family vacation, business trip, or a sudden emergency, Lex's Pet Sitting is here to help you! We'll come stay at your house with your pet while you are away! 

Yes we mean overnight SLEEPOVERS!!

While you are away, one of our pet care specialists will stay in your home, care for your babies (feed, play, walk, administer medications and love), bring in your mail, and send you text updates with pictures / videos throughout the stay. We will also water plants and take trash / recycling bins out as needed. Expect all dishes used to be washed, bed slept in to be remade (we can strip upon request), and trash taken out. 


Cats: $35 per pet for each night

Small Dogs: $50 per pet for each night

Large Dogs: $55 per pet for each night

NOTE!  On the last day of your stay, our pet sitter will leave in the morning between 9am-11am and that will be the completion of your stay. If you require us to stay longer during the last day, which is absolutely no problem at all and we will love the extra time with them, you will be charged for that day as well.

Add On: 

Royal Treatment: Does your pet(s) require extra care? Not a problem! Royal treatment is booking your pet care specialist for the entirety of the stay. Meaning they will only be caring for your pet(s) during this time, taking on no other clients, so your pet(s) has there undivided attention.

Pricing: $30 per pet for each night

Play Dates: Does your pet(s) want to hang out with their friends while you're away? Of course they do! During your stay, you can schedule a day(s) for your pet(s) to be taken to the dog park / dog beach / daycare. We even offer trips to The Dog Bar in DTSP! (must be registered in order to enter)

All pets MUST be up to date on their vaccines and spayed / neutered in order to attend 

Pricing:  $25 per trip

Holiday Pricing:

 When booking with us during a holiday, $20 will be added to each night of your stay.




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